• Epidrum - What Is It?

    Epidrum is an optimal, constant, low pressure LOR device to facilitate epidural procedures. The device is charged with air to expand its diaphragm. Read More
  • Benefits Of Epidrum

    Epidrum replaces the Loss of Resistance Syringe as a means of identifying the epidural space, whilst performing epidural anaesthesia. Read More
  • Clinical Data

    The clinical investigation was undertaken at Northwick Park Hospital in London to compare Epidrum with the Loss of Resistance Syringe. Read More
  • Epidrum Awards

    Cutlers' Surgical Prize 2007 for the most "outstanding work in the field of instrumentation or technical development in any branch of surgery." Read More
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Video - Epidrum In Use

This video is provided as a guide to Epidrum's intended performance.

The syringe left in place enables the Epidrum to be topped up if necessary, although some epiduralists may prefer to remove it before proceeding.

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