• Epidrum - What Is It?

    Epidrum is an optimal, constant, low pressure LOR device to facilitate epidural procedures. The device is charged with air to expand its diaphragm. Read More
  • Benefits Of Epidrum

    Epidrum replaces the Loss of Resistance Syringe as a means of identifying the epidural space, whilst performing epidural anaesthesia. Read More
  • Clinical Data

    The clinical investigation was undertaken at Northwick Park Hospital in London to compare Epidrum with the Loss of Resistance Syringe. Read More
  • Epidrum Awards

    Cutlers' Surgical Prize 2007 for the most "outstanding work in the field of instrumentation or technical development in any branch of surgery." Read More
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A New Approach to Epidural Anaesthesia - a New Technique

Epidrum - Winner of the 2007 Cutlers' Prize.

Epidrum is an optimal, constant, low pressure LOR device for use in epidural anaesthesia procedures.
It gives a positive visual signal that the needle has penetrated the epidural space.

Epidrum has been subjected to scientifically rigorous investigations, which provide clear clinical and statistical evidence of its superiority to existing epidural anaesthesia techniques.